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About Sticks In The Sand

We are not professional renters.  James originally purchased Sticks in The Sand 1 as his home on the beach and for years he rented out the first floor since he was single at the time and travels for a living.  A couple years later he married Shari and with 3 kids they moved and converted the whole unit to a rental.  Because of it's success we now offer 6 almost identical townhomes each with it's own unique advantages. Sticks 1 is in Sanddollar, Sticks 2-6 are all located in Sunchase which is 4 blocks down the road but on the same stretch of private beach. 


We call it Sticks in the Sand because all our homes are on pylons on the beach.  we named them in the order we purchased them not actual unit numbers. The townhomes have 2 individual lockout units that can be rented 3 ways.  We offer studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and complete 3 bedroom townhomes.  They are all about the same square footage and roughly the same layout. So no matter if it is a 1 bedroom or studio the size is the same. 

We take great pride in being able to offer our homes to other families looking for a great vacation spot on the beach.  This is our favorite place on earth and we love to share it! 

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